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    We put a lot of heart into developing each piece for our LOVE and EQUALITY collection and our team often wears it proudly! Our intention for it is to offer beautiful pieces that subtly remind who wears it, often, or everyday to act out of love towards everyone encountered.
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    Thank you for reaching out.

    I hope you’re having a good holiday season so far!

    We’ve experienced mind-blowing growth this year and a much unprecedented (and sudden) influx of orders (and inquiries) around our announced “order-by” date of December 9 and

    we’ve been working very long hours around the clock for weeks all to come down to these last few days of fulfilling orders towards timely delivery by Christmas!
    We take prompt fulfillment of orders very seriously and are focusing all of our efforts these last few days to the production and proper send-off of these promised orders.

    As I have to shift focus on these last orders I understand concern about earlier orders that have been shipped and are currently in transit and wish I could reply to each individually but am finding it impossible to keep up. Please know that we’ve worked tirelessly to have your orders out in a timely manner and we’ve been seeing things progress well through the USPS systems lately though it seems they are skipping most scans! We see many shipments not even scanning at origin but rather once out for delivery, for the first time in the transit process!

    Thank you very much for your business and support. I truly hope all your orders we have made with true dedication and love make it in timely and that they are well received.

    USPS has set Dec. 21st as their final day “ship-by” day for delivery by Christmas but we are working to have things out mostly by today (19th) with some quoted by and out by tomorrow the 20th.

    If you placed your order after December 9th, you may find your ship-by date under your etsy order history. You may also always see tracking information there or in your email notifications as this info goes out as the label is printed by us.

    Today’s orders have a ship-by date of around December 30th. We work hard to provide our best shipping quotes based on current and projected volume.
    Merry Christmas!

    <333 KD