Hi friends! taking a minute to share this overdue post today! We've been investing a lot of time into switching platforms for our blog but have been facing delays so I'm back to using this one and will look to transfer some of this content to be available for reference once we make the switch!

We put a lot of heart into developing each piece for our LOVE and EQUALITY collection and our team often wears it proudly! Our intention for it is to offer beautiful pieces that subtly remind who wears it, often, or everyday to act out of love towards everyone they encounter.

I have made a donation on behalf of the company and have here the info to share for reference since we mentioned we'd share proceeds to this cause for sales from the collection during July 2020

Marketing efforts on this collection have not yet been as successful as intended however we feel proud and fulfilled to have made the collection available and keep it featured in our shop. We also plan to continue adding to it with time and consider future marketing campaigns in an effort mainly to spread love and acting out of kindness towards all :)

Thank you always from the heart for your support and love you give me and this brand daily. <33 KD